Excerpt from Chapter 1

 "Very few successful businesspeople, politicians, or leaders will be candid enough to say, 'I am really good at meeting people and leveraging my very large network.' They'll downplay whom they know and the human resources they have amassed to get ahead. Some guard their networks jealously, not wanting others to be aware of the power they possess. They worry that by revealing the deep network they frequently tap into, others will think they have unfair advantages. 

They recognize they have a goldmine. 

From politicians to CEOs, from top musicians to well known artists, all high achievers have vast networks, which are the wellsprings of their success. Anyone who has to market or sell a business, product, service, or creative work needs a network to thrive. The advantages that come with strong networks are well-deserved, because these relationships are hard-earned, carefully built, and thoughtfully nurtured over many years." 

You too, can build such a valuable network. 

Let me tell you how.

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