Meet 100 People

A How-to Guide to the Career and Life Edge Everyone's Missing

Open doors to jobs, new opportunities and life-long value.

Meet 100 People

Some people have their lives totally figured out. This is for the rest of us.

Motivation, inspiration and practical advice for building your network now. Learn how to create meaningful relationships that will provide life-long value. 


"Meeting new people is vital for everyone in this new economy. Pat Hedley makes effective networking accessible for everyone.  She keeps it real and she’s in your corner. Read and succeed." Lorraine Ash, journalist, author of Self and Soul: On Creating a Meaningful Life 

"Meet 100 People imparts knowledge that is not taught in the classroom. It is a must-read for any college student and young professional." ​Adrian Kingshott, Adjunct Professor at Fordham's Gabelli School of Business, Former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs

"This book arms you with skills that will serve you repeatedly in your career and in life. It will help you make valuable connections and build real relationships." ​Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Co-founder, CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Her Campus Media 

"Meet 100 People will help you broaden your view of what is possible, build and sustain a career- and life-supporting network, and truly understand where you will most thrive professionally." Lisa Carnoy, Division Executive, U.S. Trust Bank of America NYC Market President